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NY Times editorial writer: ‘I didn’t mean to suggest that Loughner wasn’t responsible.’

We now know who wrote the NY Times editorial that led Sarah Palin to sue the paper for defamation. A first draft was written by editorial writer Elizabeth Williamson. However, the offensive part connecting Palin to the 2011 Tucson shooting was added in a rewrite by editorial page editor James Bennet. Bennet testified Tuesday in a hearing the judge ordered to ...

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Poll: Guess who’s winning the Trump-McConnell war?

This one’s an easy call, or at least it was during the four days that Morning Consult polled nearly 2,000 respondents. Despite the handwringing among Republican insiders over the war of words between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell this month, GOP voters are more concerned about the lack of progress in Congress, especially when it comes to the ObamaCare repeal ...

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Federal managers have some bad news for government workers

The Office of Personnel Management has been fielding some unusual and uncomfortable questions from federal departmental managers this summer according to Government Executive. It seems that a terrible bit of reality is dawning on them at last and they need some professional assistance in figuring out how to perform a management function which most of them have never experienced before. ...

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Pence: “I stand with the President” on Charlottesville

“The president has been clear on this tragedy,” Mike Pence said at a presser in Chile earlier today, “and so have I.” But with which version of Donald Trump’s comments does the Vice President stand? Pence employs the time-honored political maneuver of answering the question a politician wants to answer, rather than specifically what he was asked: _informq.push([’embed’]); “What happened ...

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