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Contraception mandate battles over? DoJ settles with scores of plaintiffs

“The nuns won,” writes Wesley Smith at NRO. That’s not literally true, at least not yet, but it now appears inevitable. The Department of Justice has finally settled the HHS contraception-mandate lawsuits it had previously contested with the law firm Jones Day, which represents scores of religious organizations that refused to comply with the regulation: A week after issuing new religious-freedom guidelines ...

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The dubious science behind implicit racial bias

Last week City Journal published a piece by Heather Mac Donald about the history of the implicit association test (IAT) and how it came to be cited by academics and many on the left as proof that everyone has implicit or unconscious racial bias. Mac Donald’s piece is lengthy and difficult to summarize but it begins with the creation of the IAT ...

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The Arch of Titus: A Useful Model

I liked Kevin’s post about the Taj Mahal, and it reminded me of a point I wanted to make when all of this iconoclasm was erupting over the summer. I think the Confederate statues put up in the 1960s as a middle finger to the civil-rights movement are hard to defend, and I certainly wouldn’t bother trying. But, as we’ve ...

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The secret to marriage is being married

We’ll veer off the beaten path today for a short sojourn into the subject of marriage and relationships. While not my usual beat, I found myself captivated this morning by an essay in the New York Times under the byline of Gabrielle Zevin. She’s the author of numerous books I’ve never read, as well as the screenplays for a few ...

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About Those Middle Class Tax Cuts

These days, you can’t turn around without hearing someone talk about how the Republican tax cuts shouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, should cut taxes on the middle class, or will for sure hike taxes on the middle class. Senator Rand Paul has been quite vocal about his concerns about the framework’s impact on the middle class. He isn’t ...

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