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Today’s hot Relevant Radio topics: Budget deal, Splitsylvania with Instapundit, Brunson case, opioid addiction, and more!

Once again, I get to step outside the box and guest host on Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show from 3-6 ET today! The Catholic talk-radio network is heard nationwide on the air after its merger with Immaculate Heart Radio, as well as online and through their free mobile app that plays live and podcast shows. Today’s Relevant Radio show includes: Glenn “Instapundit” ...

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Rubio rips WH aide who leaked Trump’s Putin phone call: If you don’t like working for him, quit

If this isn’t the worst leak of Trump’s presidency, it’s certainly top two. The only worse one I can think of is leaking the transcripts of his conversations with world leaders. A senior White House official says leaking “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” is a fireable offense. “If this story is accurate, that means someone leaked the President’s briefing papers. Leaking such ...

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High-level thinker Gregory Salcido fired by school board over anti-military rant

Remember high school history teacher Gregory Salcido? He was caught on video disparaging the military back in January and was put on administrative leave. Yesterday the El Rancho Unified School District fired Salcido. From the LA Times: The El Rancho Unified School District voted unanimously Tuesday evening to fire Gregory Salcido, who taught history at his alma mater El Rancho High ...

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