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‘Free Speech Week’ still on despite sponsor exit

The student organizers of the “Free Speech Week” at the University of California, Berkeley have announced that they will no longer be hosting the event due to pressure from school administrators. In a letter to Berkeley’s Interim Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton, the attorneys representing the student group Berkeley Patriot accused the university of “outright hostility” and threats toward the event ...

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The ridiculous expulsion of Uber from London

In its ongoing battle against the establishment, unions, lobbyists and government cronyism, ride hailing service Uber has faced innumerable challenges, legal battles and attacks. The latest comes to us from across the pond and most of the usual list of suspects are once again involved. In London, the government transport regulator announced that Uber’s license to operate a taxi service ...

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21 states who weren’t hacked notified of election hacking

Out of fifty states in the nation, nearly half of them (21) were notified this week about hacking attempts which allegedly took place in the run-up to the 2016 election. It makes for some delicious looking headlines, but the substance of the story doesn’t quite merit all the hyperbole, at least from we’ve been told so far. One of the ...

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What the heck happened to the Democrats’ fundraising?

Last month Politico sounded the alarm about the Democrats’ “looming fundraising crisis.” That struck some observers as rather odd, given all the headlines we read about how energized their base is, the unifying effect of national efforts to #RESIST Donald Trump and the well attended rallies which liberals regularly stage in the streets of many major cities. You’d think the ...

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Socialist parties on the decline in Europe

Der Spiegel published an article today on the decline of socialist parties in Europe. The piece opens by noting that even a strong socialist candidate in Austria struggles with the baggage of the “old, sclerotic social democracy.” And the picture is similar in many other European countries: In 2000, social democrats or socialists were part of the government in 10 ...

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